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South Dakota Fallen Fire Fighters Memorial

The Fallen Fire Fighters Memorial was built to honor all firefighters that have died in the line of duty.  The Memorial is engraved with the names of all Firefighters who have died in the Line of Duty protecting the people and property of South Dakota.  An annual memorial service is held every fall (late September/early October), most generally the weekend prior to the start of National Fire Prevention Week.  Please see our event calendar on the home page for details.

If you would like to make a donation to the South Dakota Fallen Firefighter Memorial Fund, please contact the SDFA Treasurer at

All Funds Donated to the Memorial Fund are used specifically for the ongoing upkeep, maintenance, engraving and future expansion of the Memorial. 

South Dakota Firefighters Who Have Made the Supreme Sacrifice

Name Agency Last Call
Paul Babue Rapid City Fire Department 06/19/1924
Jim Thompson Rapid City Fire Department 04/19/1929
Ervin Voegele Civilian Conservation Corp. 07/12/1939
Alex Kiesz Bowdle Volunteer Fire Department 12/09/1941
William Earl Burd Martin Volunteer Fire Department 09/25/1949
Ellsworth Gussler Miller Volunteer Fire Department 08/25/1957
Seigfried Hoogestraat Miller Volunteer Fire Department 08/25/1957
Merle Juhl Miller Volunteer Fire Department 09/06/1957
Lyle Haigh Miller Volunteer Fire Department 09/12/1957
Ernest Watson McIntosh Volunteer Fire Department 08/24/1959
Tom C. Masters Sioux Falls Fire Department 03/29/1960
Oscar Pearson Brandon Volunteer Fire Department 12/15/1964
John J. Korpi Lead Fire Department 06/12/1966
Charles E. Larson Sioux Falls Fire Department 07/29/1967
Leonard Evans Rapid City Fire Department 12/18/1968
Elmer Pontius Deadwood Volunteer Fire Department 07/01/1969
Robert Stephens Rapid City Fire Department 07/01/1970
George Carter Rapid City Fire Department 06/09/1972
George Sumners Rapid City Fire Department 06/09/1972
Henry Tank Rapid City Fire Department 06/09/1972
William H. Walker State Fire Marshal 06/15/1972
Donald Marso Pierre Volunteer Fire Department 08/12/1978
Marvin Willey Rapid City Fire Department 12/19/1980
Richard McDonald Rapid City Fire Department 03/10/1988
Wayne Schlosser Timber Lake Volunteer Fire Department 04/06/1988
Curtis Dean Mikkelsen Hurley Volunteer Fire Department 01/12/1991
Robert Buhler Delmont Volunteer Fire Department 03/16/2000
Dave Martin Opal Volunteer Fire Department 08/06/2002
Roger McMillin Martin Volunteer Fire Department 09/10/2002
Nathan Hamro Renner Volunteer Fire Department 07/11/2003
Donald E. DeVries Belvidere Volunteer Fire Department 07/17/2005
Jerald “Jerry” Martinez US Forest Service 07/18/2005
Thomas “Emmett” Kuehl Elkton Volunteer Fire Department


Leon James Lehmen Cleghorn Canyon Volunteer Fire Department


Trampus Haskvitz Hot Springs - SD Wildland Fire 08/11/2011
William Waldner Sunset Hutterite Colony 09/15/2011
Jacob Waldner Sunset Hutterite Colony 09/15/2011
Lt. Col. Paul Mikeal North Carolina ANG 07/01/2012
Major Joseph McCormick North Carolina ANG 07/01/2012
Major Ryan David  North Carolina ANG  07/01/2012
SMSgt Robert Cannon North Carolina ANG  07/01/2012
Dale Englund Stockholm Volunteer Fire Department 03/05/1979
Steven D. Ackerman Valley Springs Volunteer Fire Department 04/12/2015
David J. Ruhl Black Hills National Forest 07/31/2015
Donald “Donny” Manger Presho Volunteer Fire Department


Paul “David” Fischer Sturgis Volunteer Fire Department 09/07/2018
Dwain Hudson Argyle Volunteer Fire Department 04/17/2019
Archie Murphy Civilian Conservation Corp. 08/08/1936
Fred Fedeler Chester Volunteer Fire Department 04/22/2023
Joshua J. Kogel Cavour Volunteer Fire Department 09/04/2023

The memorial is located on the State Capitol grounds near Capitol Lake, sharing the same area as the Law Enforcement and EMS Memorials.

500 E Capitol Avenue, Pierre, SD  57501

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